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We’re expanding our world’s understanding of Kidney Disease through groundbreaking partnerships with leading consortia and institutions.

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Here you'll find our latest groundbreaking research from our team and global partners. This repository reflects our collective contributions to nephrology, providing insights into novel findings and advancements in kidney disease treatment.

Data Mining Tools for the Kidney Research Community

Explore Transcriptomic
Data with Nephroseq

Nephroseq is a free platform to the academic and non-profit community for integrative data mining of genotype/phenotype data that we have curated from the public domain.

Explore Single-cell
RNA-Seq Data with Nephrocell

Nephrocell is a web application for querying gene expression levels across our collection of human kidney and human kidney organoid single-cell datasets.

Explore the KPMP Kidney Tissue Atlas

The Kidney Tissue Atlas is a web-based research data platform. It is built upon the clinical, molecular, and pathology data generated from participant renal biopsies using next-generation -omics technologies.