A reference tissue atlas for the human kidney

July 20, 2022

KPMP recently published "A reference tissue atlas for the human kidney" in Science Advances. This seminal KPMP publication describes the consortium's work toward KPMP aims to create a kidney atlas in health and disease. Such an atlas can identify critical cells, pathways, and targets for novel therapies and preventive strategies.

Dr. Evren Azeloglu lead author on the paper and KPMP Central Hub scientist notes that "The atlas is an interactive compendium of knowledge on the human kidney: what it is made of; how it functions; and how it may be vulnerable to injury. Scientists from 15 international institutions used nine different cutting-edge technologies to create this atlas. It is not only the first single-cell level kidney atlas that integrates so many different technologies, but it is also an open-source framework that could serve as the foundation of all future tissue atlases. It will be the cornerstone of KPMP’s ongoing mission to redefine kidney disease and find a cure."

Please click here to read the publication in Science Advances.