Who we are

We are dedicated to discovering and applying scientific insights towards precision medicine strategies that will improve the quality of life and treatment options for people with kidney diseases. We foster a caring, diverse, and collaborative work culture, set high standards, and strive to achieve our goals – it's not just a job, it's our passion.

Our goals

The overarching goal of our research efforts is to define chronic organ dysfunction in mechanistic terms and use this knowledge for targeted therapeutic interventions. To reach this goal we have developed a translational research pipeline centered on integrated systems biology analysis of renal disease.

Our team

We are an international research team from three continents and covering five disciplines, supporting all elements of the translational research pipeline from enrolling study participants to developing new therapies. Our team integrates information from a wide spectrum of human cohort studies we have initiated or with which we are intimately involved.

What we do

We specialize in improving patient care by applying our Bench-to-Bedside Approach. Our Bench-to-Bedside care method occurs when the results of research done in the laboratory are directly used to develop new ways to treat patients.

Our mission

Use comprehensive scientific insights to drive novel precision medicine strategies towards life changing therapies for people with kidney disease and to enhance the translational research resources at Michigan Medicine

  • Education: Grow the next generation of researchers.
  • Partnerships: Expand collaborations through patient cohorts, patient organizations, academic institutions and industry around the globe.
  • Analytic Resources: Developing relevant tools and methodologies to open new frontiers in kidney research.
  • Accelerate Scientific Discovery: Toward improving patient care and treatment.


Established as a Center in 2023, at MiKTMC we embrace team science to:

  • Create new, and expand existing, kidney disease cohorts by extending clinical collaborations and improving patient engagement in research
  • Generate large, diverse datasets (from tissue level genomic insights via deep clinical phenotypes to environmental exposures) from patient cohort data and biosamples
  • Analyze integrated clinical and multi-omics data to redefine chronic diseases in molecular terms using systems biology approaches
  • Promote open science through communication, education, and outreach to serve the global research community, expand collaborations and advance scientific excellence
  • Cultivate an integrated, comprehensive ecosystem of public-private partnerships
  • Sustain our research pipeline by creating a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusivity through investment in recruitment, training and retention of highly qualified faculty and staff


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