Sulalita Chaki

Biomarker Lab Coordinator/Research Lab Specialist Senior

Sulalita is an Experimental Molecular Biologist who earned her MS in Environmental Science (Calcutta University, India) and MS in Molecular Cellular Biology (Ohio University, OH) and worked as a Research Specialist in University of Illinois Urbana Champaign for 12+ years and then joined Qiagen as an QC Development Scientist III in 2022 beginning.  She joined MiKTMC, working in Molecular Target Evaluation and Biomarker Investigation Core as the Biomarker lab Research Coordinator in June 2024. Her forte relied along various molecular biology and biochemical techniques and assays, contributing towards publications and lab management. In her new position in MiKTMC she hopes to learn a lot to further strengthening her hard and soft skills and with her acquired knowledge and expertise, to progressively contributing into the continuing outstanding research and application. She aligns her professional career on utmost professional integrity and mutual respects.

Outside of worktime, she loves cooking, reading books, summer gardening, and her family values most to her. Her elementary school-going daughter told her the mantras – “Teamwork is a dreamwork” and “Don’t stop trying” that she always believed in since the beginning of her career.