Nathan Creger

Software Engineer

Nathan joined MiKTMC as a software engineer during a summer internship in June 2022. He is currently focused on developing the KPMP Kidney Tissue Atlas, a cutting-edge software platform that visualizes and shares kidney tissue data.

Before joining MiKTMC, Nathan gained valuable experience at Technique Inc. as an intern, where he developed an internally-used software tool for tracking project deadlines. This early exposure to software development honed his skills and passion for the field. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering Technology from Eastern Michigan University while simultaneously working at MiKTMC.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Nathan maintains a balanced lifestyle. He is a passionate video gamer, enjoys rock climbing and weightlifting, and loves exploring Ann Arbor on his Onewheel. His energetic personality and broad interests contribute to the dynamic of our team at MiKTMC.