Jamal El Saghir


Sr. Research Lab Specialist | Lab Manager, Organoid Lab

Jamal received a Master of Science degree in 2011 from the American University of Beirut - Department of Anatomy, Cell Biology and Physiological Sciences. Prior to joining MiKTMC, she was a Senior Research Assistant at AUB for 12 years where she evolved as a Researcher and a Lab Manager. Jamal's research focus was on the role of microenvironment in modulating normal and/or cancer cell properties in favor of cancer progression with a special emphasis on gap junctions and exosomes as major players in intercellular communication.

Jamal joined MiKTMC in August of 2020 as a Research Lab Specialist. She works in the Wet Bench group, with Dr. Jennifer Harder, developing and implementing new protocols, overseeing and conducting multiple projects focused on modeling kidney diseases using stem cell-derived kidney organoids. She hopes to implement her knowledge, explore new venues, and positively contribute to the advancement of research on the diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases which will ultimately lead to improved patient outcomes.

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with family, cooking, gardening, and doing puzzles.