Edmond Lee

Research Lab Tech

Edmond recently graduated from the University of Michigan with an Bachelor of Science in Honors Biomolecular Science.

His undergraduate senior thesis was about hypertension and its relationship with kidney biomarkers. This led to his desire to join the MiKTMC Wet Bench Biomarker team in April 2022.

He is currently conducting research on various kidney biomarkers in human biological fluids for future chronic kidney disease treatments and performing ELISA kit validations.

Prior to joining the MiKTMC, Edmond worked as a research assistant with the University of Michigan Department of Cardiology, where he studied hypertension. 

Edmond also served in the US and Republic of Korea Army for two years as a commander translator/operations staff at Camp Casey, Korea.


Outside of work, Edmond enjoys watching the English Premier League (soccer), playing golf with his friends, and teaching young students.