Chrysta Lienczewski

Clinical Research Program Manager

Chrysta received a B.S. in Biopsychology/Brain, Behavior, and Cognitive Psychology from the University of Michigan. Beginning in 2001, she began work as the Education Coordinator for the K30 Training Program in Clinical Research at the University of Michigan, which later evolved into a Program Manager position for the K12 and K30 Training Programs’ office. Her experience in the K12/K30 program office provided an opportunity for her to be exposed to clinical research from an educational perspective, thereby piquing her interest in the field.

Chrysta is the Clinical Project Manager for several multi-center, observational clinical research projects, including NEPTUNE (Nephrotic Syndrome Network Study), and CPROBE (Clinical Phenotyping Resource and Biobank Core). Her primary responsibilities with the team include overseeing the study protocol, training staff, maintaining regulatory documentation for network sites across the U.S. and Canada, as well as offering expertise in up and coming related research. Additionally, she consults for national and international studies such as the KPMP (Kidney Precision Medicine Project), BEAt-DKD (Biomarker Enterprise to Attack Diabetic Kidney Disease) and H3 Africa where her unique skill set for longitudinal, observational clinical research is put to use.